PolyBrute OBsession: an Oberheim-inspired soundbank

PolyBrute OBsession: an Oberheim-inspired soundbank

12 patches for the Arturia PolyBrute inspired by Tom Oberheim's classic 80s polysynths (and a few more recent homages). Almost all are pads and keys. Demo here.


The patches will download as a .pbx file which can be imported into Connect as their own bank. You then have the option to load them onto the instrument. Instructions are included in the download. If you have any problems, please email me at modalmixture@gmail.com.


OB All These Worlds. A growling, resonant pad with a filter sweep riser.

OB Bounce. Simple keys for rhythmic playing.

OB Brass & Strings. Morph between two classic OB sounds.

OB Brass Boy. Smooth and funky brass.

OB Elements. A soft flute-like pad with aftertouch control.

OB Hanseatic. A cinematic, Zimmer-esque key patch.

OB June Bloom. A warm pad with oscillators tuned a fifth apart.

OB New Dawn. A buzzy evolving pad great for growling drones.

OB Wooly Touch. Gauzy keys.

OB Metal. Simple metallic keys.

OBermench. Bright spacey keys.

OB Vintage Rush. A classic gurgling bass sound.

Bonus: Vinyl OB-X. From the PB Explorations bank, a lush, warbly, guitar-like pad.